5 Ways Your Fire Extinguisher Could Save A Life

fire extigushers squareYour New York restaurant needs to take fire extinguisher safety seriously! Fire extinguishers are frequently misplaced or blocked. Don’t be caught looking for a fire extinguisher in a pressured situation! Fire extinguisher placement safety is a MUST! If your fire extinguisher is not in a proper spot, or not easily accessible, then your New York restaurant WILL be in trouble!

If your extinguisher is blocked or misplaced, you WILL find yourself in a bad situation during a fire! Many New York restaurants have let small kitchen fires turn into catastrophic and devastating fires! Don’t let your New York restaurant be destroyed because of a blocked or misplaced fire extinguisher!

Make sure your fire extinguisher is NOT misplaced and that nothing is blocking it! Check your fire extinguisher NOW to see if it is:

1.     Blocked by large equipment, boxes, etc., making it inaccessible.
2.     Curtains or papers blocking its view.
3.     In a place that’s not accessible at all times, like a locked office.
4.     Mounted too high, or in an awkward place.
5.     Near a place that has the highest chance for a fire to start.

Most importantly, fire extinguishers must be maintained at all times, contact one of our fire safety technicians today at 917-261-3710 to preform maintenance or replace your fire extinguishers. Don’t let a small fire get out of control in your New York restaurant! Consult one of our local New York fire safety experts on optimal fire extinguisher areas… it might be most important thing you do for your New York restaurant.

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