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Kitchen Exhaust Fire Protection Service Manhattan

The words Kitchen Exhaust Fire Manhattan will make any restaurant owner fearful. Take a look at this video. You don’t want this to be you!


One of the best ways to insure that your New York eatery is as prepared as can be to prevent a kitchen exhaust fire is to have a certified fire protection services company inspect your kitchen exhaust system.

It is a given that a regular and thorough restaurant kitchen exhaust inspection goes a long way towards preventing a restaurant fire. The first thing a company like Master Fire Prevention will do is make sure that grease and other debris isn’t caked into your hood. These flammable substances can easily (and often do) ignite. Not just from the hood, but from filters, the exhaust fan, and especially the duct work. The risk of a grease fire increases as grease accumulates. So you have to ask yourself, often, what does it look like under the hood? If your equipment doesn’t stay clean down to the bare metal, you’re taking a big risk.

Most restaurant kitchens are required to have hoods cleaned twice a year to stay code-compliant. That’s just the minimum. Keep in mind that a thorough cleaning of your kitchen hood system can take usually 3 to 6 hours. Depending on how long it’s been neglected, your kitchen exhaust system may need several cleanings. The amount of time and cost of course will be proportional to the size of your grease duct. There is no way to stress however, that restaurant fire safety begins with scheduling regular kitchen exhaust hood and duct cleanings. Master Fire Prevention will be able to determine whether or not your NYC restaurant kitchen cleaning services company is up to the job.

Even floors can have grease splatter. We’ll inspect the pilot lights, gas valves, grease baffle Filters, kitchen baffle filters, the ductwork, kitchen hood, exhaust fan, the fan belt, and kitchen hood filters. During our inspection we will test the exhaust fan to ensure the system is working properly before apply a certification sticker which will be your proof for the health department, fire inspectors, and insurance agents, that your kitchen exhaust system is ready.

Depending on the volume of your commercial cooking operation, you should have have your kitchen exhaust system inspected at least two times a year in but we recommend having a quarterly inspection performed. It’s the best protection you have against a kitchen exhaust fire.

If you are interested in learning more about the best practices for avoiding a kitchen exhaust fire in Manhattan restaurant owners need to call Master Fire Prevention at (917) 580-6330 or visit us on the web at www.masterfireprevention.com.


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  1. Jenna Hunter

    I would have never known that professionals do a semi-annual fan and kitchen fire maintenance to assure the fan and blower operate at peak efficiency. I remember when my husband and I went out to eat for our 4th anniversary a kitchen fire occurred and we had to evacuate. I would imagine that getting their systems checked could have helped prevent it!

  2. Jenna Hunter

    My husband and I go out every week and while we were sitting at the restaurant we thought the kitchen was going to catch fire because we could see all the flames. It was phenomenal to know that by having a restaurant fire detection and suppression system installed, you’re taking the best precaution to ensure that your employees are safe as well as satisfying your hungry patrons. I am no expert but I would think this may be something the owner may want to consider to keep everyone safe!

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