Portable Fire Extinguishers NYC

According to the NFPA (“The National Fire Protection Association”), firefighters respond to a home fire every 24 seconds. That means statistically, every 24 seconds, your number could come up. Remote, yes, most likely. However, are you willing to gamble with the personal safety of your loved ones and property?

To keep your family safe, it is not just important, but critical to have not just the proper equipment throughout your residence or place of business, but that your fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and carbon-monoxide detectors are up to date.

Now let’s assume that your equipment is up to date? Do you know how to use your fire extinguisher. There’s lots of handy information on the unit itself. To see some short helpful videos check out our YouTube Channel at http://youtube.com/fireprotectionnyc

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  • Monthly inspections
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Recharges
  • 6 year maintenance
  • 5/12 year hydrostatic testing.

Our facility has a complete recharging center. Hydro-static testing machine DOT certified re-testers. All our technicians are NYC Fire Department certified. Do not go to another company who must outsource this work come direct and save.

Licensed by NYC Fire Department
Fire Extinguisher C of F # 148


Our relationships with the following distributors allow us to install only the best in your commercial establishment:

We also bear a Certificate of Fitness from the New York Fire Department (FDNY). Certificate of Fitness is required by law and regulations for all businesses and individuals within New York City for  Fire Extinguisher

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